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2 minute read / Dec 21, 2012 /

Year in review: Best of 2012

About three years ago, I started journaling my startup education by blogging. In retrospect, blogging has been one of the most rewarding activities for me as an investor. Blogging helps me some observe changes in the start-up ecosystem, communicate trends primarily through data while strengthening and building relationships. It’s been more gratifying than I could have hoped.

Over the past year, quite a bit has happened on this blog. I’ve tried to write a post every working day on both tactical topics for startups like fundraising and management and macro/strategic subjects like the fund raising market and trends in mobile.

During that time, a small community has grown around the blog for which I’m very grateful. Traffic on the blog has grown from about 2,000 visitors per month in January to about 30,000 visitors per month in December. I find it hard to believe the growth.

It’s all thanks to you, bold entrepreneurs and intrepid founders who continue to chase big ideas, tackle challenging problems, dare to dream of disruption and innovation - and provide an unending supply of inspiration. Also, this blog wouldn’t be possible without the love, support and editing of my beautiful wife.

Thank you all for making 2012 a memorable year.

Below is a list of the top ten posts I wrote this year measured by traffic and engagement on social media - a best of. I hope you enjoy it.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

  1. Founders, teach your employees statistics
  2. Your Startup’s Top 3 Priorities: Distribution, Monetization & Engagement
  3. Your Startup’s 10 Most Important Metrics
  4. All great managers are alike
  5. Six-step framework to make strategic decisions
  6. The trinity of product design
  7. The 11 risks VCs evaluate
  8. Anatomy of a Reference Check
  9. Startup Judo
  10. What to look for when hiring a data scientist

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