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2 minute read / Nov 27, 2023 /

The New Threat to a Data Leader's Career

Recently, Guy Podjarny, President of Snyk & I talked through an investor’s view of AI’s impact on security & data.

What’s changed with AI?

A reckless data security leak threatens the career of a head of data, just as much as a mismanaged security incident ends a CISO (chief information security officer)’s. Clorox, Uber, SolarWinds, Target, JPMorgan, Facebook, Equifax, & CapitalOne : All these CISOs have been fired in the last ten years for security issues.

Data has emerged from the shadows of internal-use-only to a critical ingredient in marketing, sales, customer support, & product - external roles.

For example :

In 2024, we’ll see data and security professionals collaborating to avoid disaster in use cases like these because AI increases the security surface area markedly :

Data loss prevention (preventing sensitive data from leaving a company), compliance with regulation, explainability - why a model produced a calculation - top the list.

But there’s more that matters : model drift or degradation over time, observability, and misuse. Models respond to human input : malicious user input induces toxic answers from models. In fact, there are now two kinds of models : censored & uncensored.

Uniting the domain expertise of the security leader with that of the data leader will be critical to ensure the successful use of AI.

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