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1 minute read / Nov 21, 2019 /

Benchmarking Your Sales and Customer Success Teams

Our portfolio company released the State of Conversational Intelligence 2020. The report uses data from 5m sales and customer calls to benchmark sales team performance.

There’s lots of great data in the report. Some of the data reaffirms rules of thumb. For example, the typical win rate of a sales qualified lead is 19%.

Other data points are surprising. For example, the average SDR dials 106 people to schedule one meeting. And the typical sales manager reviews only 8% of calls, but the best managers spend much more.

The report covers outbound, inbound and account executive behaviors throughout the sales process, from the very first touch to the characteristics of great late stage calls. We’ve also collected data on customer success and the right ways to handle the critical transition from sales to customer success after a customer signs.

If you’re curious about how your team stacks up relative to others, or want to read about the best practices for sales and customer success teams, it’s worth a read.

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