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2 minute read / Apr 25, 2024 /

Partnering with Dropzone: Automating Security Operations with AI

Enterprises spend more on security but aren’t benefitting from the extra spend. Palo Alto Networks’ customers who buy security across 3 platforms spend more than 40x those that secure just one.

Despite those dollars…

“Adding incremental point products is not necessarily driving a better security outcome for them.” - Nikesh Arora, CEO of Palo Alto Networks

The average enterprise uses upwards of 70 security products. Many of these products produce alerts identifying phishing emails or network access issues or odd device behavior.

The security operations center (SOC) reviews these alerts. Estimates suggest the typical team receives between 5,000 & 11,000 alerts per day - every day. Worse still, every SOC team is short-staffed.

No wonder these teams can’t keep up with the deluge. Fewer than 10% of alerts are ever reviewed. Many security breaches could have been detected earlier with broader coverage.

Dropzone provides AI SOC analysts that never sleep.

Leveraging the power of LLMs, Dropzone’s analysts collect alerts, fetch relevant information from other systems, and then triage alerts. These agents also inform copilots that empower security analysts to ask questions of their environment leveraging the insight of the AI analysts.

RSA selected Dropzone a top 10 Finalist in the Innovation Sandbox.

We’re thrilled to support Edward & the Dropzone team in fulfilling their mission. As Senior Principal Scientist, Edward architected the AI systems at ExtraHop, a network security company acquired for $900M.

Our partner Andy wrote in greater depth about our vision for the company here.

And if you’re curious to test it on your own, you can test drive it here.

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