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1 minute read / Oct 10, 2012 /

Faking it + grit + inspiration = ?

In Silicon Valley, we cherish stories of great struggles, persisting failure, and grind-your-teeth kind of grit that eventually leads to great success. These stories are our collective folklore.

Today, I want to highlight one of these stories. Amy Cuddy gave a TED talk on how body language shapes who we are and our career trajectories. Her story is insightful, motivational, and electrifying.

First, Amy fascinates with scientific data on how body language impacts our careers. Next, she tells us how to harness this power. Last, she inspires us with her gritty story of faking it until she made it against great odds - a path every startup founder will find familiar.

For anyone struggling, striving to find success, may you find your battle cry in this video.

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