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The IMPACT Conference on the Modern Data Stack

The Modern Data Stack is taking shape. MDS is a movement led by many companies to re-architect data flows in an organization. The MDS is a reaction to the realization that data has become essential in every organization, but the tools, infrastructure, and culture to support that role aren’t yet in place.

One of the key parts of that ecosystem is data observability: the system in the MDS that ensures data is correct and flowing properly.

Monte Carlo, the leader in data observability, is hosting IMPACT:The Data Observability Summit, to hear from the leaders defining the most impactful evolutions in data. It’s a half-day event with some of the top minds in data including:

  • DJ Patil: the first Chief Data Scientist of the US
  • Neha Narkhede: a creator of Apache Kafka
  • Bob Muglia: former CEO of Snowflake
  • Max Beauchemin: founder of Preset, and creator of Airflow and Superset
  • Amit Agarwal: CPO of DataDog
  • Reynold Xin: co-founder of Databricks
  • Zhamak Deghani: author of the DataMesh concept

It’s rare to find such a broad cross-section of leaders sharing their views on the MDS. If you’re interested to attend, register here.

The MDS is a trend Redpoint have been tracking very closely because we believe the 2020s are the decade of data, and we’ve partnered with many companies in this ecosystem including Snowflake, Monte Carlo, Dremio, Preset, and Transform, among others. This is an opportunity for data leaders to learn from the very brightest in the space.