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1 minute read / Jun 6, 2019 /

Looker Joins Google Cloud

Today, Looker is announcing they are joining Google Cloud. During the past seven years, Looker has evolved to become the business intelligence platform for the modern business, that sits atop the next-generation data warehouses like BigQuery, Snowflake and RedShift.

Throughout the journey, the long term vision has always remained the same: to become the single data layer across an enterprise. And over the last seven years, Looker has taken the first big steps to seeing it through by working with hundreds of customers to empower them with data.

More than building an enduring business, Looker is a company with a big heart. The culture that Lloyd and Frank imbued into the business sets it apart, and it’s an inspiration to see how they’ve built Looker into an enduring business starting with strong values.

The combination of Looker and Google’s Cloud Platform is another important step to fulfilling Looker’s vision and mission. Congratulations to Looker and Google on starting a new chapter! It’s been an honor for everyone at Redpoint to partner with you.

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