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1 minute read / Mar 5, 2024 /

Looking into the Future of BI With Colin Zima


On March 15th at 9:30 Pacific time, Office Hours will host Colin Zima, CEO of Omni Analytics.

Colin is no stranger to business intelligence & data analysis. He worked on search quality at Google, founded a dynamic pricing company for the restaurant industry, then ran data at a HotelTonight before becoming Chief Analytics Officer at Looker through its acquisition by Google.

Colin has advised many of the world’s largest companies on their BI strategy.

Since Looker’s acquisition, the business intelligence market has evolved with the advent of new databases, new hybrid technical architectures, & shifting company needs for how to balance self-serve data under the supervision of the data team.

During this Office Hours, Colin & I will talk about :

If you’re interested to attend, please register here. As always, submit questions through the registration form & I’ll weave them into the conversation.

I look forward to welcoming Colin to Office Hours!

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