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1 minute read / Nov 29, 2023 /

Managing Data as Product : Office Hours with Philip Zelitchenko


On December 14th at 9.30 am Pacific, Office Hours will host Philip Zelitchenko, VP of Data at ZoomInfo to discuss Managing Data as Product.

Recently, Philip shared his management techniques to run a data team like a standard product software development function with some key nuances.

I asked him to join us on Office Hours to share his perspective because we believe data and software engineering practices converge.

We will cover :

As AI and data products become an increasingly valuable component of nearly every business, data teams will mature to full-fledged engineering organizations.

If you’re interested to attend, please register here . As always, submit questions through the registration form & I’ll weave them into the conversation.

I look forward to welcoming Philip to Office Hours!

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