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2 minute read / Feb 9, 2021 /

Eliminating Data Downtime with Data Observability - Why We Partnered with Monte Carlo Data


At Redpoint, we believe 2020 is the decade of data. We’ve partnered in the leaders of the next generation of data from the earliest stages; companies like Snowflake, Looker, and Dremio.

Leaders rely more on data every day to inform our decisions, to power our products, and to communicate. In short, the data pipelines that move data from one place to another have become the nervous system of the modern organization.

But an essential piece of kit has been missing in this new world that answers the question: How do you know the data you’re using is right? Everyone who has prepared data for decision-makers remembers that moment and the subsequent sinking feeling when a leader examined a report and said, “wait, that doesn’t look right.”

Monte Carlo solves these problems with their Data Observability platform. Monte Carlo monitors data pipelines to alert you when the data isn’t fresh, when the distribution of the data has changed, or when something isn’t quite right.

With Monte Carlo, you can trust your data every time.

That’s a quote we’ve heard from our diligence time-and-time again, and one of the reasons we’ve invested in Monte Carlo and partnered with Barr & Lior, the founders of Monte Carlo.

Their mission is to eliminate data downtime, and it’s a mission we deeply believe in.

Within 5 years, every modern data team will deploy data observability because leaders won’t trust data that has been sourced otherwise.

We’re thrilled to partner with the Monte Carlo team as they create the data observability category and eliminate Data Downtime!

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