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2 minute read / Dec 7, 2021 /

Partnering with Mysten Labs to Build Foundational Infrastructure for Web3


At Redpoint, we’ve been spending more time in crypto. The foundational layers of the next wave of technology innovation are constructed today. In some ways, they parallel their forebears in classical infrastructure. In others, these businesses are completely novel.

We met the Mysten Labs team (Adeniyi Abiodun, Evan Cheng, George Danezis, Sam Blackshear) and learned about their history developing technology for Facebook’s crypto infrastructure. The more we listened, the team’s depth in distributed systems, cryptography, and programming languages amazed us. This team is responsible for developing Facebook’s blockchain (Diem) and the Move programming language, two fundamental projects within the ecosystem.

The core of the company’s mission is to solve the challenges of scalability and programmability. High transaction/gas fees pervade crypto and limit adoption. In addition, crypto programming languages aren’t safe enough to prevent attacks. Mysten’s technology solves both, empowering developers to build software that’s faster and more secure.

Mysten aims to solve the scaling challenges for core crypto infrastructure in two ways. First, Narwhal is a high performance mempool that integrates with BFT consensus protocols and integrates the Move programming language for better security and performance. Mysten partners with L1s to accelerate their core systems and is working with Sommelier & Celo already. In addition, they are developing a blazing fast NFT platform which aims to enable seamless movement of NFTs across blockchains.

If you’re curious to build on Mysten’s technology, email and if you’re interested in working with this incredible team solving scalability and security challenges in crypto, see the careers page. The company is hiring!

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