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1 minute read / Apr 23, 2024 /

Modern Data Architectures : Jordan Tigani of MotherDuck on Office Hours

On Friday May 3rd at 9:30 Pacific time, Office Hours will host Jordan Tigani, CEO of MotherDuck.

Jordan’s path through data starts with being the founding tech lead on Google Big Query to SingleStore’s Chief Product Officer to MotherDuck’s CEO.

He wrote the Big Data is Dead, explaining that a power law applies to most companies’ data.


One of the most innovative things about DuckDB & MotherDuck is the ability to start querying with local data & then use the cloud when necessary. This also works in reverse.

This hybrid architecture is unique in the market & will have profound implications for how data is stored & processed in the future.

During this Office Hours, Jordan & I will talk about :

If you’re interested to attend, please register here). As always, submit questions through the registration form & I’ll weave them into the conversation.

I look forward to welcoming Jordan to Office Hours!

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