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2 minute read / Aug 16, 2022 /

Omni - A Big Step Forward in the Decade of Data

image Omni announced a $27m Series A. Omni builds modern BI with a consistent data model using SQL. Omni picks up where Looker left off. Looker’s fundamental innovation, LookML, enabled one person to define the revenue metric & everyone else in the organization to use it.

Omni extends that insight by building a modeling layer that learns about your data as you query it, evolving the data model with each subsequent query. That insight comes from the founding team’s shared history over more than 15 years.

The Omni founding team, Colin, Jamie, & Chris have gotten the band back together. All three were classmates at college. Then entered the data world. Colin & Jamie went to Google & Chris to RJMetrics.

Then, Colin & Jamie became executives at Looker. In parallel, Chris helmed the engineering team at RJMetrics, spun out Stitch as CTO, & became VPE at Talend. During that journey, he contributed fundamental innovations to dbt, the standard for data transformation. Stitch & Looker partnered.

This depth of relationships extends beyond the founding team into every part of Omni - the core engineering team, the product team, the marketing team, & even the investors.

This shared history produced the insights underpinning Omni. The team’s extensive depth in data as builders & customers of fundamental innovations in data shapes the product every day.

Omni will be another huge step forward in the Decade of Data. To sign up for the Omni beta, register here.

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