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2 minute read / Apr 15, 2020 /

Surveying Sales Leaders - How Coronavirus is Impacting Quotas, Bookings, and Budgets

Sam Jacobs created the Revenue Collective, a group of more than 1700 sales professionals at some of the fastest-growing companies. With chapters across the US, Revenue Collective has broad reach within the sales community. I’ve known Sam a long time and he’s done remarkable work with this community. Recently, Revenue Collective surveyed its members about the impact of coronavirus on businesses.

The data is insightful both as a tool for benchmarking your own company and also to understand the mentality of sales leaders in this challenging time. You can download the survey here.

Here some of the highlights that I observed in my reading:

These trends fall in line with what we are observing across our portfolio. Typically, go to market hiring is paused for most businesses. Founders and CEOs are evaluating their options to lengthen runway and increase margin. One of the key challenges is determining how to manage quotas for the rest of the year given the turbulence in lead generation, sales cycles, and priorities.

If you are a revenue leader or a CEO, these metrics may help you get a better grasp on what happening in the market and what changes you might make to your business.

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