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1 minute read / Jan 7, 2021 /

The Next Chapter for StackRox

Today, RedHat announced that it has acquired StackRox. By joining forces with RedHat, StackRox, which provides Kubernetes-native security, completes the next step a journey that started six ago, and will become a key part of OpenShift.

The world of container and Kubernetes security evolved enormously during the past six years. Docker burst onto the scene and its containers took the infrastructure world by storm.

Then, there was a scrap for the best orchestration and Kubernetes won out. These two foundational technology shifts ushered in the DevSecOps movement. Today, StackRox enables DevSecOps for many leading companies including Splunk, Zendesk, SumoLogic, UIPath, Supercell, Priceline, Looker and many others.

Through it all, Kamal, Ali, and the rest of the StackRox team led the business to become the first Kubernetes native security company and a leader in the category.

I’m very grateful to the entire team and especially the leadership at StackRox for inviting me on the journey. Congratulations to the entire team on achieving a terrific milestone and becoming the security layer for a foundational Kubernetes distribution!

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