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Data Meshes, Apache Iceberg & Project Nessie - Novel Ideas in the Data World

One of the most exciting trends in data, during this Decade of Data, is the evolution of the open ecosystem. Around the new Cloud Data Lakes an ecosystem is blossoming, bursting with new concepts for the future of data. The third Subsurface conference takes place this week, July 21-22, to delve into some of these topics.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Zhamak Dehghani invented the concept of the Data Mesh. Data meshes recast data teams inside companies; instead of a single team producing data for a company, decentralized teams publish and consume data from other teams, paralleling the move to microservices from monoliths in infrastructure software.
  • Novel data management projects like Apache Iceberg and Project Nessie are fundamental advances in how to manage, control, and serve data in the data mesh architecture. Ryan Blue and Ted Gooch will share the story behind Apache Iceberg at Netflix and Ryan Murray, one of the creators of Nessie, will announce some new advances that enable Git-like functionality for data.
  • Amazon’s S3 stores and Azure’s data stores provide the infrastructure for teams to maintain and control data. Amazon S3 GM Kevin Miller and Microsoft VP PM of Azure Storage will share the future of cloud storage

If you’re interested in how Cloud Data Lakes and Data Meshes are evolving, and in the future of data, register for Subsurface here