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The Redpoint 2020 Go To Market Survey

Go to market questions are some of the most common questions startups discuss in board meetings. This is especially true around the end of year because many companies develop their financial plans. To help startups understand how their go to market teams compare to peers, Redpoint has constructed a survey. You can find the survey here.

The survey will answer questions like:

  • How does the sales team structure differ by stage? by target buyer? by price point?
  • How do sales team compensate their account executives and their SDRs/BDRs?
  • At what stage do startups hire VPs and C-level executives in each go to market role?

Last year, we published the results on the Free Trial/Freemium survey and it was a huge success. We received more than 600 responses and the data was tremendously insightful. We hope to exceed those numbers this year.

The survey has 30 questions. If you complete the survey, we will share with you the anonymized raw data so you can perform your own analyses. If you have questions, just message me on Twitter or send me an email.