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1 minute read / Aug 23, 2012 /

How much is a social media click worth?

How much is a social media click worth compared to a email click or a search click for an eCommerce site?

Monetate, makers of optimization software for eCommerce landing pages released data answering this question

Channel Conversion Rates AOV CPC Relative Worth
Email 4.25% 90.4 $1.000
Search 2.49% 82.72 $0.536
Social 0.59% 64.19 $0.0986

Key: Conversion rates = conversion to order from click; AOV = average order value in $; Relative worth = indexed measure of click value based.

Today, an email click is worth about 10x as much as a social media click and about twice as much as a search click. NB: These figures don’t take into account email acquisition costs or SEO costs or social media presence costs which might skew the results more favorably in search and social media.

Nevertheless, there is tremendous opportunity for startups to discover a the secret to social performance marketing. The two opportunities afforded by this secret are (1) providing better solutions to performance marketers using social media channels to acquire customers and (2) or develop in-house expertise to grow an exceptionally large socially enabled eCommerce business.

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