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2 minute read / Apr 16, 2013 /

The Two Key Ingredients in Great Connected Consumer Products

We’ve all had a great idea for a product that would solve a pain we feel directly. It used to be impossible to convey that insight to anyone who might be in a position to act upon it. But that’s all changing because of the Internet.

Of late, it’s becoming increasingly easier for consumers to share their ideas for great products and bring them to market. One great example of this is a company called Quirky which solicits ideas from a community of people all over the world. It refines the ideas, prototypes them, leveraging the insights of the community and then manufactures these products and sends them to retailers. Quirky solves many of the challenges in bringing products to market.

I believe great product design and simple connectivity will be the defining principle of success for connected consumer products. For many products, connectivity to the Internet breathes magic into once static objects. That’s the vision behind one of Redpoint’s investments, Electric Imp.

Combining the product design expertise of Quirky with the magic connectivity of Electric Imp enables regular people to dream of new ideas and work with Quirky and Electric Imp to create and bring these new inventions.

Over the next few weeks, Electric Imp, Quirky and GE, all partners in innovation, will solicit ideas for connected devices and then work to build these products and bring them to market.

If you have a great idea for a new connected product, submit your idea. You may see it on store shelves before the holidays!

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