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3 minute read / Oct 28, 2019 / Tomasz Tunguz /

A Decade Long Mac User Tries Out Windows for the First Time in 15 Years

A few weeks ago, I installed Windows on my Mac using BootCamp. BootCamp allows you to have both operating systems on your computer at the same time and choose the one you want to use when. I was curious about Windows. So I installed it and tried to use it for a few days. Here are my impressions. Just as background, I’ve been on a Mac since I was seven and I last worked on a Windows machine in 2004.

Pros of Windows

Cons of Windows

Overall, they are far more equal than I would have guessed. This was a huge surprise. Each OS has its own trade-offs, but I can now could imagine using both. In fact, I do. I switch between operating systems depending on the kind of work I’m doing and whether or not I’m traveling.

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