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2 minute read / Nov 18, 2022 /

A New Chapter

After more than 14 years at Redpoint, I’m starting a new chapter.

I’m filled with optimism for the future.

The US venture capital ecosystem has grown 40x in dollars from $8b to $320b invested in 10 years. Fueled by this capital, startup company formation rates touched fifteen-year highs in 2021.

The Decade of Data is just a few years in & already it has transformed the way we do business.

Builders are re-architecting SaaS applications atop data warehouses to join data across domains in a wave that will transform software.

Machine learning has become table stakes for modern software companies - users expect apps to anticipate their needs & businesses rely on it for competitive advantage.

Web3 is just beginning to blossom, creating new distribution channels that will power another wave of innovation.

Many of the greatest companies have been founded during difficult market conditions. This era will be no exception.

I’m deeply grateful to the Redpoint team. I remember joining in 2008, a green product manager out of Google who had just landed his dream job. The Redpoint founders & partners shared their expertise generously & taught me the craft. Redpoint is a great firm - one that cultivates partners from associates & principals, which is rare. Thank you to everyone at Redpoint for your partnership. I’ll remain on my Redpoint boards & will support those management teams as before.

I’ll share more on my plans soon. In the meantime, I’ll continue to be a student of startups, writing this blog, hosting Office Hours, investing, & partnering with founders.

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