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2 minute read / Jan 24, 2024 /

Dissecting Delegation: Diving Deep on The Missing B-School Class

Last Friday’s post about delegation called The Class Missing from Business School, spurred a deluge of great advice from readers.

There was a recurring theme when delegating:

  1. Identify the time-consuming & repetitive tasks by coloring or labelling your calendar, or calculating at the end of the week or month.
  2. Record a video/Loom/Scribe* detailing the process.
  3. Send it to the person & have them summarize the task. This is a key step to ensure both sides establish clarity.
  4. Both sides provide feedback on what worked & areas of friction. Ideally, use metrics to judge the effectiveness of the workflow.

Paul sent this graphic about Hostinger’s Task Relevant Maturity.

image Here’s the idea :

Delegation varies by individual maturity & skillset. A board delegating tasks to a CEO will agree on revenue goals & burn targets, not the details of the implementation. In contrast, a new marketer will benefit from step-by-step instructions to learn the job. This also ties into Situational Management.

Richard suggested reading Who Not How. This quote from the book summarizes the conceit :

Creating and clarifying the vision (the “what”), and giving that vision greater context and importance (the “why”) for all Whos involved. Once the “what” and “why” have clearly been established, the specified “Who” or “Whos” have all they need to go about executing the “How.” All the leader needs to do at that point is support and encourage the Who(s) through the process.

Several readers mentioned Scribe which converts a video into a step-by-step flow for different tasks.

Dustin asked if the entire post were written by ChatGPT or if any of the posts in the past have been. The answer is no.

One reader asked that I label AI-generated posts which I will, but I don’t anticipate publishing any of those.

I’m grateful for all the notes!

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