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2 minute read / Apr 4, 2023 /


I’m thrilled to announce the debut of Theory Ventures & our first fund of $230m.

I’ve spent my career as a student of startups. I’ve worked for two, invested in many, seven of which became unicorns. I study them, benchmark them, analyze them, interview their leaders to understand their mechanics & share what I’ve learned on this blog.

The throughline of my work has been in identifying technological discontinuities that enable go-to-market advantages, & it’s patently clear to me that we are in the midst of another revolution now.

I aim to continue this work for many years at Theory Ventures.

Theory is deliberately named. Thesis investing is at our core. We aim to research ideas, develop informed perspectives, & ply those insights to support founders from their earliest stages.

These are the three of the first key thesis areas for Theory :

The Decade of Data: We are living in a decade of data. Every company leverages insight from data for competitive advantage. Data movement, transformation, analysis, & observability software will underpin data applications used by every part of modern organizations.

Machine Learning as a Force Multiplier: There are four types of machine learning: classification, prediction, interpretation, & generation. Modern software embeds these four types of ML into workflows which anticipate user needs & enable workers to operate at a superior level of abstraction.

Decentralized Infrastructure as Database: Blockchain technologies invert data ownership by shifting control to the end user. This new architecture transforms the relationship amongst users, assets, & businesses.

If you’re building in these spaces, or have a theory about the future of software, I’d love to hear from you.

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