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The Intense Power of a Strong Company Culture

June 14


Startups as a Second Language

September 12

Authenticity in Leadership

March 10

Resilience and Telos in Entrepreneurs

March 4


A Framework to Maximize Your Startup's Hiring Success

December 4


Startup Best Practices 9 - Structuring One on Ones to Maximize Your Team's Success

September 26

Ruthlessness and Grit in Startups

May 13

Startup Best Practices 6 - Avoiding the Bike Rack Effect

March 24

The Things You Do Often Create the Things You Believe

February 27

Military Strategy Applied to Startups

January 31

How One Startup's Engineering Team Cut their Engineering Release Times in Half

January 22

Should Your Startup Adopt a New Management Style?

January 3

Startup Best Practices 5 - Effectiveness, not Productivity

January 2


Startup Best Practices 4 - Managing Monkeys

December 20

Startup Best Practices 3 - How to Structure a Sales and Marketing Team

December 3

Startup Best Practices 2 - Startup Team Sizes

November 20

Startup Best Practices 1 - Situational Management

November 15

What a Dog and a Monkey Taught Me About Management at Google

October 21

Deserve is a Toxic Word

October 3

Crossing the People Management Chasm - A Necessity of Startup Growth

September 12

Not Sharing the Opportunity to Learn is a Cardinal Sin

September 5

The Part They Don’t Tell You About Startup Team Building

August 30

The Fundamental Challenge of Your Startup’s First Hire: Leading and Learning at the Same Time

August 21

Your Startup’s Office Is Missing a Room

July 18

The Library in Building 42

June 12

The Most Under-Appreciated Startup Team Member

June 6

How Will I Enable Greatness Today?

May 10

The Antidote to Burnout is Progress

April 30

Out of My Depth

April 25

Mastering Feedback Loops in Startups

April 18

Here’s to the Grinders

April 12

The Power of Team Work in Startups

April 7

Which Data Biases Challenge Your Startup?

March 19

Every Damn Day

February 25

Why Humility is Essential for Every New Startup Hire

February 8

How to Optimize Every Decision in Your Life and Accomplish Nothing

February 3

What my high school chemistry class taught me about startups

January 14


Great startup management teams are built with interlocking parts

December 13

Willing to be misunderstood

December 6

The dumbest guy in the room

December 5

Honest cultures in startups

November 12

Culture is the biggest growth driver for social services

October 18