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The Opposite of a Good Idea is a Good Idea

March 8


Synthesis as Brilliance : Worldly Wisdom from Charlie Munger

December 15

The First Mac Predates Modern Central Banking

November 14

A Little Yellow Book in the Corner Bookshelf of a Coffee Shop

September 10

The Pilgrims Raised 4 Rounds of Financing

July 23

How to Build Your Startup like Google & Stripe

March 20

The Future of Startup Office

January 31


My Favorite 10 Books of 2022

December 13

The Trillion Dollar Empire that Started with a Coupon

August 12

The Future of Money

March 3

Intensity Oozes from these Pages

February 3


My Favorite Books of 2021

December 30

Words Like Loaded Pistols

November 17

Using the Reversal Mental Model to Invest Better

October 19

Innovation in the Financial Markets: Seventy Years of Hedge Funds

July 1

The Most Popular Startup Domain Suffixes - .com, .co, .gg - Which is Best for Your Business?

February 21

How Much Should You Bet To Maximize Your Investments, or Your Company's Odds of Success?

February 16

Information as Surprise - Harness Claude Shannon's Key Idea

January 25

The Art of Doing Science & Engineering

January 12


Voodoo, Obsidian & Zettlekasten - A Modern Way of Taking Notes

November 27

More Activity Means More Business. Don't Overthink It.

November 16

The Parallels in the Culture Between the Two Category Defining Companies

November 1

The 4 States of an Engineering Team

October 1

The Best Economic History Books According to Readers

July 21

An Economic History of the US in Five Stock Market Crashes

July 17

Three Little Puzzles about Infinity

May 18

The Next 30 Years of Geopolitics - What Could They Look Like

April 3

The Great CEO Within

February 27


On Humility and Making Better Decisions

October 17

Little Known Facts about the VC Industry

September 19

That Will Never Work

September 17

A Random Walk Down Sand Hill Road

April 25

AI Superpowers - A History of Chinese Startups and the Implications for the Future of Startupland

February 25

A Lasting and Enduring Gift

February 25

In Defense of Troublemakers

February 12


My 10 Favorite Books of 2018

December 14

Creative Selection - An Inside Look at Some Key Moments at Apple

December 4

The Startup Founder's Almanac

July 19

Lessons Learned from 20 Years at the Leading Edge of SaaS

July 10

The Most Important Book You'll Read All Year

May 29

Jettisoning the Assumptions of Last Year

January 1


Meetings Shouldn't Be Boring

December 3

The Best Book on the Fundamentals of Selling

July 9

How to Tell If You're a Great Manager

June 16

Plant Trees You'll Never See

June 4

Psychology for SaaS Startups

February 28


Winning with Data

March 31


A Very Unusual Book about Startup Culture

May 20

The Best Book on Building a SaaS Sales Team

March 24


A Unique Chronicle Of A Billion Dollar Company

November 14

A Collection of Uncommon Points of View on Startups

September 11

9 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

May 8


Product Market Engagement: The Missing Step in Lean Startup Methodology

July 23

Why Starting a Company Is Completely Irrational

June 11

To Sell is Human

January 4


Systems Thinking for Startups

October 31

On negotiation

August 24