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How Should You Staff Your Startup in 2023

May 17


The Need for Two Types of Payback Period Calculations

November 7


The Mispricing of Software Companies

October 5

Top 10 Learnings from the Redpoint 2020 GTM Survey

June 25

How Predictive is SDR/BDR Quota Attainment of AE Quota Attainment?

June 17

SaaS Office Hours Go to Market Survey Edition & Which Metric Should Your SDR/BDR Team Use?

June 16

The Impact of the Coronavirus on Software Valuation Multiples

March 2

What is a Best in Class Payback Period for a Software Company in 2020?

January 20

B2B vs B2C: How Should Your Sales Team Be Allocated to Maximize Success?

January 5


The Rise of the Founder-CEO

October 28

Adding Engineering Metrics to the Redpoint SaaS Metrics Template

July 8

How Much ARR Can a CSM Manage?

January 25

Series A SaaS Startup Benchmarks for 2018

January 4


How the Economics of Professional Services Have Changed in Software

September 16


How Quickly Does Headcount Scale in the Fastest Growing Software Businesses?

November 29


How Should You Allocate Your Startup's OpEx between Sales and Engineering?

November 17

What Percentage of Revenue Should SaaS Startups Spend on Payroll?

November 14

The Limitations of Data and Benchmarks

November 5

Dream Teams: The Characteristics of Billion-Dollar Startup Founders

July 14

Benchmarking Exceptional Series A SaaS Companies

February 25


The Concur Acquisition in Context: A SaaS MegaExit

December 14

Why Revenue Isn't the Most Important Financial Metric for Startups

October 20

Benchmarking SaaS Startup Efficiency with Revenue per Employee Metrics

October 16

The Key Financing Attributes of Startups in the Billion Dollar Club

October 10

How Much Cash Should Your Startup Burn?

September 29

The Optimal Price to Maximize Sales Efficiency for a SaaS Startup

September 9

The Best Way to Benchmark a SaaS Startup

August 28

The Five Forces Shaping the Fundraising Market

June 25

How Much Should Your Startup Spend to Grow?

June 13

The Investment Patterns of SaaS Companies in Sales and Engineering Over Time

April 15

The Correction in SaaS Company Valuations

April 9

Do Startups Require Less Capital to Succeed than 10 Years Ago?

April 4

The Financing Trends of Billion Dollar SaaS Companies

April 3

Benchmarking Box's S-1 - How 7 Key SaaS Metrics Stack Up

March 24

SaaS Startup Balance Sheets: How Much Cash & How Much Debt to Raise

March 14


The Characteristics of a Billion Dollar Consumer Hardware Startup

December 31

Revenue per Employee Benchmarks of Billion Dollar Companies

December 17

How Much Does It Cost to Take Your Startup Public?

December 10

The Ratio of Engineers to Sales People in Billion Dollar SaaS Startups

November 11

The Single Biggest Determinant of Startup Valuations at IPO

November 5

The Unexpected Compensation Trends of Post-Series A Startup Founder/CEOs

October 29

How Much Should Your Startup Spend on Managing Churn?

October 16

Sales Efficiency Benchmarks for SaaS Startups

October 10

Six Key Benchmarks for Your SaaS Startup

September 11

The Sales and Marketing Spend Strategies of Billion Dollar SaaS Companies

August 26

The Seed Investment Patterns of Billion Dollar Startups

August 15

The Five Characteristics of An Ideal SaaS Company

July 15

Your Startup’s 10 Most Important Metrics

March 26