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Data Analysis


How Much Revenue Must a Company Generate to IPO?

June 24

Is the Software Market in Trouble?

June 2

AI Spending Patterns : It's Not What You Think

May 17

The Capex Conquest in the Cloud

May 1

This Message Will Self-Destruct in 33 Seconds

April 4

Standard Issue AI

February 2

The Fastest Growing Software Sectors in 2024

January 29

Open Source Models : What Can We Determine from Download Patterns?

January 15

Make Hay When the Sun Shines : Liquidity in Startup Exits

January 7


Step-Ups & Duration : The Shape of Things to Come to the Series A in 2024

December 14

Snow Angels Come Early to Data : Snowflake's Strength Spells Success for Startups

November 29

How Much Does it Cost to Use an LLM?

November 16

The Software Industry's Productivity Boom: Analyzing Revenue per Employee Trends

November 13

Purchasing Patterns in Software : Positivity Punctuating Q3

November 10

Only The Dogged Thrive : More Good News in Startupland

November 7

The Impact of Anti-trust on M&A in Startupland

October 31

Gas Gas Revolution

October 27

Centaurs & Cyborgs : The Jagged Frontier of AI

October 1

The Dawn of AI : Pricing Power & Profits in NVidia's Business

August 23

Mean Reversion: When Will Startup Investing Return to Normal?

August 21

Surprising Data Points about the Venture Capital Market

August 8

How Will a Venture Capital Recovery Feel? Observations from 2008

August 7

Busting the Myth: Higher Funding Doesn't Mean Faster Hiring in Startups

August 3

What the New Relic Sale Means for SaaS

July 31

Producing Charts with AI

July 17

There is No Such Thing as Series A Metrics

July 9

The Publicly Traded Company Worth 250x More in 10 Years

May 25

How Should You Staff Your Startup in 2023

May 17

Software Spending Growth Will Accelerate by 40% in 2023, But it Doesn't Feel that Way

April 24

How Much will the US Early Stage Venture Market Contract in 2023?

April 17

The Change in Burn Multiple for Startups in 2023

April 3

The Typical Startup Saw a 24% Increase in Sales Cycle in 2023

March 28

The Hardest Round to Raise in 2023

March 24

2023 Go-to-Market Survey - Understanding How Startups Have Shifted in 2023

March 9

Magical Metrics with Omni

February 28

Sizing the Web3 B2B Software Market

January 1


A $30B Software Company from a $15m Investment

December 27

PLG & Profitability : More Product Doesn't Necessarily Mean Greater Profits

December 7

The Best Time of Year to Raise for Your Startup

November 21

My Laptop is Faster than Your Cloud : Announcing MotherDuck

November 15

Sales Efficiency through Covid : Reading the Tea Leaves for Startups

October 30

How Low Could Valuations Go?

October 13

Just How Troubled is the Bay Area Startup Scene?

October 3

The State of Web3 in 2022 through Data

September 17

Why We'll See More New Types of Web3 Apps in the Next Year

August 30

Don't Look Now But Web3 Companies are Beginning to Trade Like their Web2 Counterparts

August 30

Growth is No Longer the Best Predictor of a Software Company's Value

August 10

Do PE Acquisitions of Public Startups Imply We've Hit a Pricing Bottom?

August 8

The Math Behind Starting a Successful Software Startup

August 2

How VCs Value Rainbow Foals in 2022

June 21

Top 10 Insights from the 2022 Startup Sentiment Survey

June 6

The Macroeconomic Signal to Watch for Software & Infrastructure Startups

June 1

5 Key Data Points about the Early Venture Market in Q1 2022

May 4

Why Early Valuations Might Surge in 2022

February 23

Why You Should Expect Your VP Product to Sign Up for a Lead Quota

January 28

How Will the 52% Correction in the Stock Market Impact the Startup Fundraising Market?

January 19

How Correlated are the Web 2 and Web 3 Software Markets?

January 13

Do Data Startups Command a Premium in the Fundraising Market?

January 11

The Top Sectors of Web3 in 2022 by Revenue

January 4


The Fifth SaaS Correction

December 13

Justifying Token Equity Multiples using GDP Data

November 16

The Velocity of Money in Startupland

July 30

The Productivity Implications of Working from Home Across 150,000 Employees

June 10

The Figures that Will Move the Venture Capital Market in the Next 3-5 Years

June 6

The Inflationary Forces in Startupland

May 24

Covid's Impact on Software Sales Efficiency

April 8

How Selling Has Changed Post-COVID, and How it Will Change Again Afterwards

March 14

The Most Popular Startup Domain Suffixes - .com, .co, .gg - Which is Best for Your Business?

February 21

The Five Flavors of ARR - New Definition, Same Great Multiple

January 27

The Fastest Growing Sectors of Startup Fundraising in 2020

January 18

The Missing Insight Around Software Multiples for Valuing Companies

January 11


The Supercharger Boosting Startupland Fundraising and Exits

November 20

Why IPOs, Direct Listings, and SPACs Will Flourish in Startupland

October 19

The Mispricing of Software Companies

October 5

How to Predict the Forward Multiple of a Software Company

September 22

Can You Still Make Money Starting a SaaS Company?

September 13

Inside Rounds Have Become a Sign of Strength at the Series B

August 2

The Fundraising Market Two Quarters into COVID

July 5

Top 10 Learnings from the Redpoint 2020 GTM Survey

June 25

What is the Structure of the Typical SaaS Company as it Scales?

June 21

How Should You Structure Sales Teams for Optimal Performance?

June 18

How Predictive is SDR/BDR Quota Attainment of AE Quota Attainment?

June 17

Where are Most Unicorns Headquartered?

May 28

California Dreaming - Is Silicon Valley Still the Best Place to Start a Company?

May 25

Why is the Stock Market Only Down 15%?

May 11

The Fundraising Market Has Changed, But Not in the Way I Thought

May 6

The Startup Sectors Most Impacted by the Coronavirus

April 6

What Could the Venture Market Look Like in the Coronavirus Era

March 12

Simpson's Paradox in Measuring Net Dollar Retention Rate

February 3

What is a Best in Class Payback Period for a Software Company in 2020?

January 20

The Redpoint 2020 Go To Market Survey

January 13


The Top 10 Posts of 2019

December 15

The Rise of the Founder-CEO

October 28

The Radically Different Early Stage Fundraising Market

October 7

The State of the Startup IPO Market

September 30

The SaaS Correction of Late 2019

September 16

If You Have Great NDR Retention, Should You Increase Your Marketing Spend?

September 2

Which Categories of Seed Startups are Thriving? Which Aren't?

August 8

The Strategic Question at Seed Today

July 19

Observations from the Enterprise Tech 30 List

July 15

Why Churn Rates Can Spike When Your SaaS Startup Experiences Hypergrowth

July 12

Adding Engineering Metrics to the Redpoint SaaS Metrics Template

July 8

100k+ ACV SaaS Companies: Do Their Metrics Differ from Other SaaS Companies?

June 24

The SaaS Valuation Environment in Mid-2019

June 20

Setting the Salesforce/Tableau Acquisition in Context

June 11

How to Develop Best in Class Sales Efficiency

May 10

Do SaaS Startups Still Require Less Capital than 10 Years Ago?

April 2

The Free Trial Survey on the Saastr Podcast and Hitting a Blogging Milestone

February 26

Answering Readers' Questions about the Free Trial Survey

February 11

Top 10 Learnings from the Redpoint Free Trial Survey

February 6

Sharing the Learnings from the Redpoint Free Trial Survey

February 1


Just Where Are SaaS Companies Priced After the 2018 Correction?

December 26

5 Most Popular Posts of 2018

December 17

Red Hat's Acquisition - A Triumph of Open Source

October 28

SaaS Freemium/Free Trial Survey is Here

October 14

Normalization of Valuations in the Public and Private Software Markets

October 9

How the Economics of Professional Services Have Changed in Software

September 16

How Long Should Your SaaS Software Trial Period Be?

August 12

Does Winner Take Most in SaaS?

July 8

The Blockbuster Software M&A Market of 2018

June 12

Where are We in the SaaS Valuation Cycle?

March 18

Is Geographic Dispersion of Seed Dollars Really Happening?

March 8

The Impact of Blockchain on SaaS

February 11


How Quickly Does Headcount Scale in the Fastest Growing Software Businesses?

November 29

When Statistics Will Mislead You

May 3


How to Create Competitive Advantage for Your Startup with Proxy Metrics

November 16

Dream Teams: The Characteristics of Billion-Dollar Startup Founders

July 14

Inflation and Deflation in the Startup Fundraising Market

April 4

Benchmarking Exceptional Series A SaaS Companies

February 25

When Data Confounds Our Intuition

January 19

The State of the Startup Fundraising Market in 2016

January 11


SaaS Office Hours with Maia Josebachvilli on Strategic and Tactical Recruiting Metrics

November 23

Why Consumer Startups Dominate the Megaround Market

July 26

How Similar is the Fundraising Environment Today to 2000?

July 16

The Fastest Growing Areas of Startup Investment in 2015

July 14

Startup Investment Trends in 2015

July 9

When Should Your SaaS Startup Offer Professional Services

May 31

The Health of the SaaS IPO Market

May 28

Should You Take Cash or Stock to Sell Your Startup?

May 27

The First Generation of the Talent Software Wars

May 19

From $800k to $274M in 4 Years - The Story of Ariba

May 14

The Decreasing Follow On Financing Success of Startups

May 11

How Great Unit Economics Enables Startups to Weather the Storm - The Story of WebEx

May 7

Which is a More Efficient Way to Build a SaaS Startup - Bottoms Up or Top Down?

May 3

A SaaS History Lesson – The First SaaS Company's Exceptional Journey

April 28

How Important Is It For a SaaS Startup to be Profitable?

April 27

How Many Unicorns Sell Each Year?

April 14

Are SaaS Startups Today Worth More than Ten Years Ago?

April 5

The Runaway Train of Late Stage Fundraising

April 1

The State of the SaaS Fundraising Market

March 13

The Employee Productivity Patterns of Billion Dollar SaaS Companies

February 5

Benchmarks for Employee Stock Based Compensation in SaaS Startups

February 2

The Compression in SaaS Valuations

January 23

The Fundraising Patterns of Unicorn SaaS Companies

January 22

The Increasing Growth Rates of SaaS Companies

January 19

Are SaaS Startups Less Profitable than they Used to Be?

January 16

The Sudden Shift in SaaS Product Pricing

January 5


Why the Time to $1B in Valuation for Startups is Decreasing

December 16

Benchmarking Box's Updated S-1 - How 7 Key SaaS Metrics Stack Up

December 11

The Acquisition Environment for Startups in 2015

December 10

The Technology Sectors that Create the Most Value

December 8

When Will the Tech Bull Market End?

December 5

The 2014 Class of SaaS IPOs

December 4

Why 2015 Will be a Great Year for Startups

November 21

How Important are Professional Services to Your Startup?

November 20

Benchmarking New Relic's S-1 - How 7 Key SaaS Metrics Stack Up

November 17

Why It's a Great Time to Raise a Seed Round

November 6

Why Series A Startup Founder CEO Equity Stakes Have Grown 40% in Five Years

November 4

The Meteoric Acceleration in Series A Valuations

November 3

The Stability of the Current Tech Market

October 31

The Impact of Investor Geography on Your Seed, Series A and B Check Size

October 26

Why Revenue Isn't the Most Important Financial Metric for Startups

October 20

Benchmarking SaaS Startup Efficiency with Revenue per Employee Metrics

October 16

The Key Financing Attributes of Startups in the Billion Dollar Club

October 10

The Unexpected and Uneven Evolution of the Startup Fundraising Market

October 8

Second Seed Rounds: How They Impact a Startup's Ability to Raise a Series A

October 6

How Much Cash Should Your Startup Burn?

September 29

The Optimal Price to Maximize Sales Efficiency for a SaaS Startup

September 9

Benchmarking Zendesk's S-1 - How 7 Key SaaS Metrics Stack Up

September 3

The Best Way to Benchmark a SaaS Startup

August 28

Benchmarking Hubspot's S-1 - How 7 Key SaaS Metrics Stack Up

August 27

The Impact of a Startup's Location on its Acquisition Potential

August 25

Benchmarking Consumer and SaaS Companies' Path to IPO

August 19

The Three Most Important Trends in the Seed Fund Raising Market

August 18

Are Tech IPOs Dying?

August 15

4 Major Competitive Trends in Mobile App Stores

August 11

What the Public Markets Trends Say About the Fundraising and M&A Environment Startups

August 4

What Q2 Tech Earnings Reports Say About the State of the Technology Market

July 28

The Coming Wave of Venture Capital and What It Means for Your Startup

July 23

How to Maximize Your Organic Twitter Content Marketing Efforts

July 15

Trends in the Startup Acquisition Market

July 10

How Vibrant is the Hardware Startup World?

July 8

An Exceptional Story with Exceptional Data

July 2

The Importance of Hometown Investors for Startups

July 1

The Five Forces Shaping the Fundraising Market

June 25

The Hottest Startup Sectors

June 24

How Much Should Your Startup Spend to Grow?

June 13

The Optimal Seed Round Construction to Maximize Series A Success

June 12

The Impact of VCs in Seed Rounds in Seven Charts

June 9

How the Fund Raising Market Will Evolve in 2014

May 19

The Worst Time of Year to Raise A Seed Round

May 9

The Current State of the Consumer Internet Market

May 6

Surprising Trends in Startup Founder Equity Stakes

May 2

The Surprising Compensation Trends of Startup Executives

April 29

The Investment Patterns of SaaS Companies in Sales and Engineering Over Time

April 15

The Correction in SaaS Company Valuations

April 9

Do Startups Require Less Capital to Succeed than 10 Years Ago?

April 4

The Financing Trends of Billion Dollar SaaS Companies

April 3

Subscriber Cannibalization and Other Mysteries in Content Marketing

April 1

Are VC Mega-Rounds the New Normal?

March 19

SaaS Startup Balance Sheets: How Much Cash & How Much Debt to Raise

March 14

Do More Competitors in a Sector Decrease Fundraising Success?

March 3

Which Acquirer Pays the Most for Startups?

February 26

The Impact of a Startup's Location on Its Ability to Raise Capital

February 18

How to Combat Inaccurate Data and Faulty Statistics When Making Decisions

February 13

Why Startups Face Increasing Competition in Raising Series As and Bs

February 12

How Your Startup's Sector Affects Your Ability to Raise a Series A

February 9

Using Data to Pick the Optimal Name for Your Startup

February 7

The Minimum Size Seed Round to Maximize Series A Follow On Investment

February 6

Do Larger Seed Rounds Lead to Bigger Series As?

February 4

The Optimal Average Customer Value for SaaS Startups

February 3

The Maximum Viable Churn Rate for a Startup

January 29

The Best Times of Year to Raise Capital for Your Startup

January 28

Three Important Trends in the Startup Exit Market

January 20

The Average Value of a Tech Company is Decreasing

January 16

The Importance of Seasonality in SaaS Startups

January 9

How Healthy is the Public Technology Market?

January 6


The Characteristics of a Billion Dollar Consumer Hardware Startup

December 31

Revenue per Employee Benchmarks of Billion Dollar Companies

December 17

How Much Does It Cost to Take Your Startup Public?

December 10

The Typical Billion Dollar Startup Acquisition

December 9

The Most Effective Way of Visualizing Funnels

November 22

How Much Cash Does Your Startup Need To Go Public?

November 18

The Ratio of Engineers to Sales People in Billion Dollar SaaS Startups

November 11

The Single Biggest Determinant of Startup Valuations at IPO

November 5

The Unexpected Compensation Trends of Post-Series A Startup Founder/CEOs

October 29

The SaaS Valuation Bubble

October 22

Using Twitter Recirculation to Maximize Content Marketing Effectiveness

October 7

The Single Best Content Marketing Channel for Your Startup

September 30

Sexism, Statistics and Space s How Disruptive Startup Ideas Are Discovered

September 23

Interpreting Cohort Data - The 3 Key Analyses for Measuring Your Startup’s Product Performance

September 17

Six Key Benchmarks for Your SaaS Startup

September 11

The Sales and Marketing Spend Strategies of Billion Dollar SaaS Companies

August 26

Analyzing Twitter Ad Performance for the Last 9 Months

August 26

The Seed Investment Patterns of Billion Dollar Startups

August 15

Cohort Analysis for Startups - Six Summary Reports to Understand Your Customer Base (With Code)

August 12

Peak Smart Phone - What Happens to the App Economy When Smartphone Penetration Reaches 100%?

July 6

The Data Behind Why Google’s Play Is So Much Harder For Startups To Crack Than the iOS App Store

June 1

Investing in the Consumer Web is Dead

May 22

The Future of Human Data Interaction

May 17

Which Data Biases Challenge Your Startup?

March 19

Measuring Dark Social Using Google Analytics

March 18

Crawling - The Most Underrated Hack

March 5

The Relationship Between Margins and Acquisition Prices

February 26

The Voice of the People is Data

February 11

The Religious Debate About Data

February 6


Performance marketing for startups with R

December 11

Data on the “seedpocalypse”

November 30

VC investment trends in the consumer web

November 27

The culture of data science

November 8

Profitability and the IPO Market

September 10

Segmenting the SaaS Market for Sales

August 20